A Conversation with Rob Leatham


A Conversation with Rob Leatham.

By J Scott

Back in 2008 I started a Podcast reporting on the Action Shooting Sports called Action Shooting Podcast. Now defunct, the website and podcast was one of the very first of what has become commonplace, online gun/competition oriented websites.

In 2009 I did an interview with Rob Leatham that I offered as premium content for people who signed up for the email list. When I started the site/podcast my employment allowed me blocks of time that I could dedicate to the project, but as life interfered it became necessary to suspend the project in 2010.

I’ve decided to make the interview with Rob available to anyone who is interested. The interview is four parts and the intros talk about sponsors and websites that have either evolved or shutdown so don’t try to contact them today.

My site that is mentioned, in addition to ActionShootingPodcast.com, is JScottDigitalPhoto.com which has evolved into this website, GunStockReviews.com and GunStockPhotos.com, which is being redeveloped as of this writing, (10/26/18). Brassmansales.com is long gone, and ActionShootingPodcast.com is at present defunct.

With all that in mind here are the interviews, enjoy. P.S. I grant permission to share the links to the interviews to anyone who is interested.

Part 1: In part 1 of the interview we discuss an article written about Rob back in 1994 in Gun Games magazine, where his decline was predicted and how that prediction was a bit premature. — Runtime 24:03

Part 2: In part 2 of the interview we discuss Rob’s relationship with Springfield Armory, Safariland, and Brian Enos. –Runtime 25:20


Part 3: In part 3 of the interview we discuss the multiple divisions in USPSA and development of the XD/XDM. — Runtime 22:49


Part 4: In part 4 of the interview we discuss the Single Stack Classic, Western States Single Stack Championship, the 2009 Bianchi Cup, DrillMasters Shooting Club and what it takes to win. — Runtime 33:33


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