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We build an AR 15 with Luth-AR parts and accessories

Follow Yamil Sued as we build an AR 15 Carbine using Luth-AR parts and accessories. Luth-AR is well known for the innovative line of MBA buttstocks, and carries a complete line of AR parts. All you need to add is a stripped lower receiver. All Luth-AR parts and accessories are proudly manufactured in America.  This is Part 1 of a video series while we do a complete AR 15 Carbine build starting with a DPMS stripped lower receiver and all Luth-AR parts and accessories.

Hello folks this is Yamil Sued for GunStockReviews, today were going to build a modern sporting rifle out of parts. I’m not going to bore you with the details of how to build a lower because we’ve that before and it’s kind of boring so we’ll do that later on and a different video. But today we’re going to use a stripped DPMS lower that I got, and I got a bunch of parts from LUTH-AR.

LUTH-AR not only makes stocks like this MBA-4, but they also make really good parts kits, so basically if you have a complete lower you can get all the parts from LUTH-AR.

And some of their exclusive parts are kind a cool, like The Paddle™ which is a bolt stop, bolt release, which actually allows you to easily lock your bolt on your modern sporting rifle.

They also have a trigger guard, I don’t have installed yet but I will be installing it. And they also have a selector switch called The Switch™, I don’t have installed on this rifle yet, but I will soon and of course there is the Chubby Grip™. Their great grip, ergonomic grip, that gives you the one that best grips in the industry, right now. I will be installing this here pretty soon.

Ok we have a lower, what about the upper? Well, LUTH-AR sells all sorts of really really cool uppers right now, complete uppers ready to go. So the only thing you have to do is order the upper with their proprietary barrels and hand guards and all is mil spec so trust me it will fit your gun, it will fit perfectly well.

I just ordered this 16 inch upper, which is actually a really cool KeyMod upper. Really nice and comfortable and fits your hand great. This is their lightweight 16 inch barrel, on their A3 upper. Comes complete from the factory. You can order it directly from LUTH-AR, from their website, and it’s ready go, you don’t have to do anything to it.

Comes with a standard A2 flash hider, which you can change that to the muzzle break or flash hider of your taste. So let’s go ahead and put it together, as simple as this. You’re done! Your rifle is done. The only thing you have to do is supply your striped lower, get the LUTH-AR parts and you’re ready to go.

I happen to have a nice Leupold scope here, this is the new Leupold VX-5HD 1-5x24mm. The scope is still loose on the mount, this a Leupold mount, because first thing you do is install on your rifle and then you set it up. Make sure it’s all straight up and down on your eye relief is perfect. So I am going to install it on this rifle at the right position.

Scope is still loose on the mount, on the rings, I’m gonna do that as soon as I’m able to go to the range and make sure your scope is a perfectly centered, my length-of-pull is set on the rifle and my eye relief is set. So as soon as all that’s done we’ll go ahead and take it to the range and do the final adjustments.  Well here it is, this is the LUTH-AR kit, on a DBMS stripped lower. With a Leupold scope.

You know the cool thing about this is you can actually order and custom make your modern sporting rifle to your own taste. You don’t have to settle for what’s on the shelf at the store, you can make your rifle to your taste, custom rifle to your taste.

You know me I can’t leave things well enough alone, I have to make things better and adjust to my taste.

Stay tuned to more videos from GunStockReviews. We’ll be showing how to finish this rifle and sight it in. We’ll go to the range and let’s get it done. So stay tuned for more videos. Thank you for watching.

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