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Making Appendix Carry More Comfortable. #1151

In this episode of Gun Stock Reviews, we take a first look at an accessory from We The People Holsters that helps make your carry gun more concealable especially when carrying appendix.

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One of the biggest issues of carrying concealed is preventing the gun from “printing”. Many times this is caused by the butt of the grip pushing out away from your body. We The People Holsters has a solution for that called the “Holster Claw”. It’s a simple accessory that attaches to the retention screw of an IWB holster and is tucked-in behind your belt below the grip. The Holster Claw pushes the butt of the gun close into your body aiding in the concealment of your gun. While primarily aimed at the appendix position the Holster Claw can be used at the 3 o’clock or 4 o’clock positions as well.

We The People Holsters also offer a variety of colors and printed patterns. They also have a line of OWB holsters that we will look at in the future. Check out the website using the banner ad below for all the options, and while you’re at it check out the line of apparel for a variety of pro 2nd Amendment shirts, hats, hoodies, and leggings including a “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt.

Probably best thing about this line of holsters? The company name, what’s better than “We The People”.

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